To live better. To love yourself from the inside out. To take your happiness by the horns and ride off into the sunset.

I started this whole wild ride because I was searching for ways to improve and protect my family's health (something I'm sure can relate to). Before I knew it I was elbow deep, sifting through media fear-mongering, false advertising, fad diets, and a nauseating amount of just plain stupid advice.

I was trying to solve my own food intolerance issues, IBS, severe acne, migraines, mood swings, PMS, low energy, and my major sugar addiction. My early twenties were full of tears, too many doctors appointments, and days of missed work!

What I needed more than anything was someone to shoot it to me straight, someone to actually help! And so instead of looking for her, I became her.

I couldn't have known then how much of a health nerd I would turn into, how amazing I would find the design of the human body, or how obsessed I would become in helping others build lifestyles that make them truly happy and healthy. Digestive health is an area of study that I’m so passionate about and have committed to myself to never stop expanding my knowledge about!

I received my Holistic Health Coaching certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and choosing to study with the world’s top nutrition experts like Neal Barbard, MD and Andrew Weil, MD. I received Nutrition Advisory training at the Sanoviv Medical Institute in Mexico.

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