That fork on your plate is actually a fork in the road!

It's your chance to live better. To love yourself from the inside out. To take your happiness by the horns and ride off into the sunset. Because restoring gut health is not about dieting. Or fads. Or perfection.

Jodie Campbell Certified Holistic Health Coach

Why engage a certified health coach to help you?

Sometimes it starts by seeing what's in your purse. Or fridge. Sometimes it's reminding you that food is not the frenemy. Sometimes it’s the relief that you aren't the failure, that the old way of thinking was. Sometimes it's discovering and—overcoming nutritional deficiencies that are making digestive health a pipe dream.

I'm talking about achieving and maintaining your ideal weight, actually accomplishing the goals you set, breaking free from the tyranny of sugar and cravings, upping that energy level, feeling great in your body, demystifying supplements and healthy foods, watching your personal relationships thrive, and rediscovering—or discovering for the first time your killer confidence!

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It Takes Guts Program

Whole body health

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Gut Health Consult

First steps to healing

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Gut Health


Happy gut, happy body

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Coaching Sessions

Eat to nourish


Book a free 30-minute Gut Health Consultation

I can guide you to the best choices for achieving optimal digestive health!

In person consultations are booked at Central Health in Airdrie 403-912-5115.

Skype or Facetime consultations can be booked using this form below.

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