Put your gut health first, everything else will follow

Get to the root of your health issues and discover safe, proactive ways to overcome the symptoms keeping you from living your best life. The key? It’s time to own that it takes guts to be healthy.

You’ve tried the ‘healthy diets’. You’ve visited the naturopaths. You’re taking the probiotics. You feel like you’ve tried it all, yet nothing’s working.

it takes guts program


Deprivation and gimmicks, not included

The bad news: You’ve been searching for answers in all the wrong places. Bootcamp-styled bursts of commitment that make things complicated, accessing a broken healthcare system designed for treatment instead of prevention, and cutting out food groups in an all-or-nothing approach that feels a lot like deprivation.

The good news: It’s not too late to overcome your lack of energy, your chronic pain and inflammation, your inexplicable weight gain, and all the other issues plaguing you on a daily basis. You just have to pay attention to the one thing that no else is telling you: gut health is the basis for whole body health.

Ditch the diets and self-diagnoses and learn a simple, sustainable lifestyle full of healthy food habits for you and your family—in just 28 days. It Takes Guts is a small-group program tailored to you and your health needs—with step-by-step direction, encouragement, and accountability.

Give me 28 days to transform the food choices you make and the body you live in. It Takes Guts is an intentionally intimate, four-week, guided program that starts by recognizing what’s been compromised in your digestive system. Then we know what to heal, and where to go from there.


Fast forward 20 years: How do you want to feel?

Fad diets make a lot of promises, yet none seem to go far enough in helping to the degree you need. With It Takes Guts, skip to the head of the line by stealing my 14 years of research and experience helping women like you sift through the food confusion, crowd out the choices no longer serving you, and focus on long-term nourishment—that will serve your body right for decades to come.




You break free from the tyranny of sugar and craving—and the resulting brain fog, mood swings, and energy slumps.

You ditch the fad, ‘one-size-fits-all’ diets and feeling of constant deprivation and—actually achieve and maintain your ideal weight.

You forget what it feels like to have those dull, all-over body pains and debilitating headaches or migraines.

You develop a happier mindset, model healthy habits for your family and friends, and see your personal relationships flourish.

You look good and feel great as you demystify supplements and healthy foods your body needs to thrive.

You repair, restore, and nourish the internal systems that will then support your body for years to come.


Now, come back to the present—because you can start the journey from surviving to thriving with killer confidence in your choices today!


Here’s the foundation of what we’ll cover in the program

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Week 1


Fix Your Guts

Get the skinny on your new USANA Supplements

Sample a 7-day, gut-healthy meal plan

Learn what die off looks and feels like

Make your first friendly fermented drink

Begin the process of repairing your guts with the aids you need to compress time to wellness

Week 2-

Eat To Restore

Learn how to increase gut-friendly bacteria, naturally

Discover ways to increase your fiber intake, prebiotics

Find the foods that make your guts happiest

Skip the food confusion with a framework to help introduce new foods to your diet while crowding out the choices that are sabotaging you

Week 3

-Become A Fermentation Guru

Learn which fermentation tools save you time + money

Expand your ferment portfolio with video demos for beet kvass, sauerkraut, water kefir, switchel and more

Know exactly how to carry on through days 29, 30, 31 and well beyond with recipes that support digestion and healthy guts

Week 4

-Mind Gut Connection

Dive into the microbiome - and what it’s really all about (hint: its more than your gut health + digestion)

Learn how bacteria influences your mood

Become an expert on the Vagus nerve and ENS system

You’ll cultivate a strong connection between your mind and guts to prioritize your second brain for the long term



Get clear answers on where your digestive system needs support

It Takes Guts is a blend of; personal consultations, 12 hours of live group videos, Q+A sessions, fermentation recipe demos, and so much more!

Here’s what you get when you enroll:

Personal 1:1 consultation calls

We’ll jump on a 45-minute call to clarify your goals so I can tailor the program to your needs. Throughout our 28 days you’ll have access to me for questions and accountability, including a one-on-one bi-weekly call during the program. We’ll even schedule a call after the program finishes up to ensure you are confident moving forward with your new gut loving habits. Total of 4 one-on-one calls. Value $750

Supplement Starter Kits.

We focus on the best of the best in It Takes Guts. Upon joining, you’ll receive a 28-day supply of USANA pharmaceutical-grade vitamins and nutritionals that will enhance your diet and start your path to success. What’s included? CellSentials + Hepa Plus + Digestive Enzyme + Probiotics + Biomega + Nutrimeal Free Shake + WholeBio Bars. Value $400

Ongoing community.

Through our close-knit, private Facebook Group, you’ll have access to daily shareables related to gut health. Over 12 hours of video content (videos are saved so you can access them anytime!) to help you establish new habits and understand the inner workings of your digestive system. Included are step-by-step demos for creating your own fermented goodies. Ongoing conversations with others traveling on the same journey. Value $600

Resources you’ll turn to, time and again.

My goal is to arm you with ongoing support well after the 28 days has ended. Look for books like Brain Maker and The Well-Fed Microbiome Cookbook, among other surprises, in your welcome packet! Value $175

Total Value $1925

Your Investment $1100 CAD

Our live 28 day session will run from April 24 - May 22 2019

Next enrollment dates: Coming Soon!

Enrollment is limited to 10 people.


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Jodie Campbell Certified Holistic Health Coach


Hi, I’m Jodie!

Years ago, healing my own digestive system had a massive ripple effect on my whole body. No more migraines, lactose intolerance, IBS, mood swings, poor complexion, sugar cravings, low immunity, PMS, or lack of energy.

Of course, it wasn’t an overnight transformation. It started with multiple doctors visits, fear-based media and marketing that manipulated my food choices, and fad diets with a nauseating amount of conflicting advice.

What I needed more than anything at the time was someone to shoot it to me straight, someone to actually help! And so instead of looking for her, I became her.

I’ve been a Certified Holistic Health Coach for 6 years, with formal training from the Institute of Integrated Nutrition and Nutrition Advisory training for the Sanoviv Medical Institute. Through my ongoing training and deep experiences with hundreds of clients, I’ve seen firsthand that most people have a compromised digestive tract. With no idea that this is the root source of their frustrating symptoms being experienced throughout their body.

Will you join me to live your best life?

But first, let’s be clear—this isn’t another ‘magic bullet’ to optimum health

I don’t like to sugar coat my teaching—or my food. You’ve been promised ‘quick’ solutions before, so I’ll be the first to tell you that while It Takes Guts will provide the shortcut you need to compress time to wellness, there are no ‘magic bullet’ solutions to creating optimal health. It’s a journey, and this is just the first 28 days of it that will provide the foundation you need to create long-lasting change.

Myth: ‘I already take Vitamin C and D, so I’m good’.

Truth: The world of vitamins and supplements can be overwhelming—but here’s what you need to know: If you’re deficient in one nutrient, you’re deficient in them all because of the synergy that exists amongst them. We’ll identify what you really need and get them all working together.

Myth: ‘I don’t have the time OR money for this’.

Truth: Throughout It Takes Guts, we’ll start with simple to learn decision making and skill sets that will naturally become part of your daily routine. On the money front, take it from my client Samantha: ‘When you really break down the cost, you’re actually saving money, and it’s your health. Without that, you literally have nothing.’

Myth: ‘I’ve tried it all’.

Truth: I have no doubt you’ve tried a lot. But that’s not to say you’ve tried it all. From my experience, serving hundreds of clients, I’ve seen firsthand that most of the population has a leaky gut, with no idea that this is the source of those frustrating symptoms being experienced throughout their body. It Takes Guts brings it all together for you, so you can see what really works.

Myth: ‘My health is this way because of family genes’.

Truth: If only we could blame genetics for all of our woes! But, the good news is, while genetics are out of our control, our habits aren’t. And it’s our habits that are most often contributing to the root cause of what’s going on.

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Have questions about It Takes Guts? I’ve got answers.

How do I get started with It Takes Guts?

To get started with It Takes Guts, click the nifty [Register] button when enrollment is open to save your seat on the It Takes Guts page. Program is limited to 10 participants. Once payment is completed, you’ll get an email with the info you need to book your initial, 1-on-1 consult call, where we’ll hone in on your situation so I can tailor the coming weeks to you! We’ll also complete a Gut Check questionnaire to assess your current digestive health status before the 28 day program starts.

What happens when I enroll in It Takes Guts?

First: We celebrate! One: You’ll get kicked an payment details form so I can get your info (it’s safe with me!). Two: I’ll create your Preferred Customer account with USANA (which you’ll own!). Three: You’ll see two charges totaling $975 on your credit card statement: One for your USANA supplement starter kit; and invoice from me via PayPal for the balance of the program cost. Four:You’ll be added to our private Facebook Group, Program Guide dropped into your inbox and your new USANA products (and a few fun surprises!) will be delivered direct to your doorstep in no time! Five: We’ll kick off with your initial consult call where we’ll get to know each other + your goals before live sessions begin :-)

Is It Takes Guts a one-time cost?

While initial enrollment in It Takes Guts is a one-time cost, I do recommend carrying on use of the USANA products for at least 90 days. Then make an informed decision about continuing to invest in your digestive health. (Your initial investment covers the first 28 days). Throughout It Takes Guts, we’ll figure out what’s working for you and tailor your ongoing plan!Myth

When’s the perfect time to join It Takes Guts?

In just a few minutes per day, you can begin transforming your gut health - whether it’s the holiday season, you’re on a camping trip, or you’re busy at work. As they say: The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today!

In short: Learning that is takes healthy guts transformed mine and my families health and encouraged me to leave a legacy of good health in this world — and today I want to help you do the same. Gut health is the basis for whole body health. So, let’s start there shall we!

How will I feel when I begin the It Takes Guts protocol?

How you respond to out initial pseudo-detox or die off phase and the start of your USANA products depends on your individual body and where you’re starting from. I’m here to help you navigate that and make any necessary adjustments!

Is this safe if I’m pregnant / an athlete / have kids, etc.?

Because we are focused on nutrients and food, I have high trust in the products and protocol - we essentially provide the body with a nutrient buffet. It takes and stores what it needs, and discards what it doesn’t. That said, I don’t give medical advice, and do encourage you to consult your physician, as needed.

Have a question that’s not answered here?

Email me at and I’ll get all of your questions answered. It Takes Guts might not be the first stop on your health journey - but it can be your final solution! After all, It Takes Guts To Be Health!

It Takes Guts might not be the first stop on your health journey—but it can be your final solution!

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