Direction. Guidance. Accountability.


That fork on your plate is actually a fork in the road.

It’s your chance to live better. To love yourself from the inside out. To take your happiness by the horns and ride off into the sunset. Because health is not about dieting. Or fads. Or perfection.

In fact, its not about losing, its about finding. It’s about choosing.

Sometimes it starts by seeing what’s in your purse. Or fridge. Sometimes it’s reminding you that food is not the enemy. Sometimes it’s the relief that you aren’t the failure, that old way of thinking was. Sometimes it’s discovering (and overcoming) nutritional deficiencies that are making health a pipe dream.

And that’s why I’m here.

As a Certified Holistic Health Coach, I'll demystify food; help you figure out where you're maybe going wrong, what the underlying issues are and how you can start to be confident, and meet health as your most confident. And I do it all over 3 months for a limited, exclusive number of people so that everything is fine-tuned and tailored to your specific needs and goals; so that all of my energy is focused on you!

I’m taking about achieving and maintaining your ideal weight, actually accomplishing the goals you set, breaking free from the tyranny of sugar and cravings, upping that energy level, feeling great in your body, demystifying supplements and healthy foods, watching your personal relationships thrive, and rediscovering (or discovering for the first time) your killer confidence.

My personal commitment (and excitement) to your health and I'll even take you grocery shopping or raid your pantry to figure out what may be holding you back and to further educate you on your new (and amazing) life.

Today could be the day that makes all the difference.

And other goodies too:

- Two 50 minute sessions per month

- Email support between sessions

- Recipes that are nutritious and shockingly easy to prepare

- Coaching and support to help you make the dietary changes you want

- Simple but informative handouts that will boost your nutrition knowledge

Cost is $200/per month for custom Health Coaching sessions. Minimum 3 month commitment for coaching sessions.

These coaching sessions are available to people who have completed the It Takes Guts Program and are looking for further accountability and customized coaching. Or patients of Central Health Chiropractic + Wellness Clinic.


Meet the new you. You’re gonna like her. I already do.