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Jun 2014


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Think One-On-One Coaching is the Best? Think Again.

Are you looking for a proven way to stick with new healthier lifestyle changes?

Maybe you’ve gotten a gym membership but then rarely used it? Or you’ve started exercise routines but struggle with to sticking to them. And maybe your basement is filled with exercise equipment that never gets used.

I know how it feels!

I joined a gym with great intentions, but went a grand total of 5 times in 2 years. What a waste of money!

I tried a gym membership again, this time with a personal trainer. I loved learning from someone who had experience and encouraged me for an hour.  But the money it cost to continue with a trainer was not something I was comfortable in spending.  Without having a trainer to keeping me accountable, other things got in the way and I canceled my membership.

So what was going to be the solution to my problem?

GROUP coaching!

A new fitness studio opened in my area (Orange Theory Fitness) that only offers group coaching in 1 hour increments.  I was a little hesitant at first… How would my personal needs be met? Won’t I get lost in the crowd?

But I did sign up and I have LOVED every session since!

Individual coaching can work for a lot of people, don’t get me wrong.  But in my experience as a Health Coach people are really looking for is guidance and accountability.  And you might not realize that you can get so much more from group coaching that can help you succeed and get results that last. 

So, what do you get from working with a group?

Here are my Top 4 Benefits from joining a group health coaching program:

- Positive Support System

You’ll never be alone in your journey with a whole team of people supporting you and your goals. This positive environment helps motivate and encourage you, keeping you on track!

- Achieving Goals Quicker

Heard of social accountability? When working with a group, you’ll be more likely to show up and less likely to procrastinate. With other people keeping you accountable, you’ll stick to your new lifestyle changes. You will be willing to try new foods when you know others are also adding some new foods to theirs plates with success.  

- Learning From Others

Group coaching is like a classroom where everyone can brainstorm new ideas, different techniques and creative solutions. You’ll find new opportunities to make positive shifts to happier and healthier lifestyle. 

- New Prospective

Everyone has an unique prospective. When you get stuck or hit a wall, sometimes you just need to hear someone else’s point of view. Your group can collectively help you find solutions when you faces an obstacle.

There are so many benefits from working with a group, but above all, group coaching means your not alone.

Group coaching has worked for me, and it was the solution that I needed to keep myself active and achieve my health goals. I like the energy & interaction that a group of people brings when they have a common goal.  And there’s always someone there when I’m pushing through those last 5 burpees to say, ‘Stop thinking and just get it done!’

My own success with group coaching inspired me to create a group coaching group. I want YOU to achieve all your goals and get results that last. My Clean Eating Program is a group program with a maximum number of participants. This way you get ALL the benefits of group coaching and still have a personalized coaching for what’s important to you. 

Let me show you how my Clean Eating 21 Day Program can work for you. I have just a few spots left before registration closes on June 20. 


Certified Health Coach

+ Clean Eating Expert

Every week I share TIPS + TASTES + TRUTHS, Let’s Connect!


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Jun 2014


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Struggling with Diets? You’ve got Your Math Wrong

Do you ever start a diet, swearing to yourself that THIS is it.  This time, you’re going to stick with it.  This time, you’re going to have long-lasting results.

You count calories, count carbs, count points. Grams of this and grams of that. You watch the clock and eat only at certain times of the day.

When did eating become such a complicated math problem?

You try your best, but you taper off, and the weight comes back with a vengeance (maybe more than when you started).

Its so frustrating! And you feel like a failure!

Well guess what?

You’re programmed to fail.

The Diet & Weight loss industry brings in over $55 billion a year. Why? Because they know they will have repeat business.  They know people will spend money to buy one diet, and when that doesn’t work, they will spend more money for the new or upgraded version.

Because guess what?


And they aren’t supposed to.

You aren’t a failure! You are just buying into something that is meant to fail to get you to keep buying more.

The solution? Ditch ALL the math!

Instead of complicated diets or plans, you need sustainable lifestyle changes.  Its as simple as 1-2-3.

1. Eat a Clean Whole Foods

Say no to preservatives and unnatural foods.  Fill your plate with organic, fresh and natural foods.  Crowd out processed sugars with natural options. Your body will naturally slim down when you eat clean.

2. Exercise a Moderate Amount

You don’t need to spend hours at the gym! Or drop thousands of dollars on a personal trainer.  Adding in moderate exercise to your daily routine is simpler than you might think. Start will small changes like taking the stairs, parking further away, and going a walk with your family.

3. Cellular Nutrition (Supplements)

The most important change to make AND its easiest to achieve! Your cells need nutrients to perform at their optimal levels. By adding nutritional supplements to your diet, your cells can load up on what they need so they can do their job effectively. It ALL starts at a cellular level!!  Healthy cells = Healthy you!

Want to learn how to do this and make a lasting impression on your life?  Ready to take action? (I know you are). Jump over to my Clean Eating 21 Day Program  and join people like you wanting the life long benefits of knowing how to create a clean eating lifestyle.

Also I want to make sure can get started right away on making shifts in the right direction. Completing the form below will send you a link to my FREE Health Assessment that will create 3 custom reports about your current lifestyle and what need yours immediate attention.  (These reports are confidential and will land directly into your inbox only).

All it takes is a choice!


Certified Health Coach

+ Clean Eating Expert


Every week I share TIPS + TASTES + TRUTHS, Let’s Connect!


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Jun 2014


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Avocado Strawberry Salad

This salad is really filling and can be a meal on its own.  Adjust the ingredient amounts depending on how many people are going to join you.


Romaine lettuce


Strawberries  (blackberries are great too!)

Goat cheese


Olive oil

Balsamic vinegar

Raw honey



Certified Health Coach +

Clean Eating Expert

Like clean eating recipes like this one?  Watch for details on my NEW Clean Eating 21 Day Program.  Use this form below to make sure they land into your inbox. I will also send you a link to complete a FREE confidential Health Assessment.

Every week I share TIPS + TASTES + TRUTHS, Let’s Connect!


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