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Oct 2014


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It’s that time of year again…when the leaves are starting to fall and the air is getting cooler.  When it’s cold outside, we tend to like eating hearty and filling foods. Nothing is better than cozying up in a warm sweater on a cold morning with a bowl of rich creamy oats.

When you think of oatmeal, your mind might picture rolled oats or those instant oatmeal packets (yuck by the way). But steer clear of those! Instead, get your hands on some steel cut oats (also called Irish Oatmeal).  Your body and taste buds will be much happier.

So, what the difference?

Rolled oats are often over-processed, and oatmeal packets are loaded with sugars and chemicals.  Steel cut oats are minimally processed, so the nutrients are kept intact and it won’t cause your blood sugar to spike (feeling fuller longer too!). They’re an excellent source of protein, soluble fiber and iron. Plus, they just taste better! Steel cut oats are firmer and have a soft nutty flavor; they’re not mushy and bland like rolled or instant oats.

Here’s a visual for you.


Steel cut oats do take more time to prepare, so here’s a time saving tip for dads and moms preparing family breakfast (who am I kidding I even make oats for dinner). In the evening, bring to boil 1 cup oats in 4 cups of water with a little sea salt. Then turn off the heat and cover.  Go to bed, and in the morning simmer to warm the oats back up. Simple!

You could go the traditional route of topping your warm steel cut oats with just milk and real maple syrup, or you try out one on these delicious combinations:

Warm Gingerbread



maple syrup

milk ( I prefer homemade cashew nut milk)


Coconut Dream

coconut oil or butter

shredded coconut




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Sep 2014


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Let Your Taste Buds Lead

When it comes to eating clean, good flavor and nutrition need not be exclusive, but some people just can’t get past the taste of certain foods.  A suggestion would be to train your taste buds to focus on the naturally sweet, savory or spicy tastes in healthy foods.

If you preference is toward sweet, try eating sweet potatoes, carrots, squash and beets (currently in season!) What about if you gravitate towards savory?  Try portobello mushrooms or melon wrapped in prosciutto.  Maybe you prefer hot & spicy.  You can easily add in the heat via hot peppers to your dishes.

What ever your tastes, there truly are vegetables or fruits that will please your taste buds. Just need to expand your comfort zone with each grocery store trip.

You just have to let your taste buds lead!


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Clean Eating Expert

My next Clean Eating Program starts September 29 (registration is open until September 26) and I want you to join us!  We all know what to eat to be healthy BUT why is not everyone making good choices and waist sizes increasing? I will cover the WHY & HOW to create lasting clean eating choices!


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